Tsukishima Kei


too cute… send help…


make it stop

I told you I’ve always admired you, right? You might not remember it, but I still remember the day I first met you. To be honest, it had never occurred to me that I could lose to someone. But any frustration I felt vanished when I thought, “There’s someone more amazing than me”, “I want to swim like him”. That’s why it’s hard for me when you’re not always there ahead of me, showing me the path I should take. Without you, I have nothing to aim for, you know?


bye, tsukiyama-san


How to feed a 6’1” babe with a tragic shoulder injury his birthday cake.
— A comprehensive guide in progress by Rin Matsuoka.


【黒バス】無配とログとお知らせ | 北沢 [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=41043657


so let me hold

both your hands in the holes of my sweater

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