this is literally like one frame difference



This is probably one of my favorite panels.



Please Help


     This is kitty boy. He is a darling cat that recently turned 4! He is normally very cheerful, lazy, and likes to play fetch! (Yes, he does bring the ball back)
     As of August tenth approximately, he started acting strange. Over the next few weeks he started getting worse and worse, and we finally got him to the vet August 25th. We left him over night so the vet could study him and find out what was wrong. He stayed 2 nights, and as of today, August 27th, 2014, we were told by the vet that Kitty Boy’s blood platelet count was very low, and that he would’ve internally bled to death if we hadn’t already brought him in. 
     We don’t know why his blood platelet count is low, but we are trying to find out. However treatments, (of which he will need multiple) run upwards of 100 USD per est. and that’s just while they’re trying to find the underlying cause of this problem. With each day he stays at the vet, the bill climbs higher and higher, and we need to get our other cat in as well to make sure he isn’t sick either. We are going to put it on credit if we can, but I fear that we won’t be able to afford the care they need, and if we can, we will be in serious debt.
     My aunt has a fulltime job, but due to my circumstances I am unable to get a job right now.  Although I wish I could, I cannot offer anything but my gratitude for helping save my precious cat. If you feel you can afford to spare a few dollars, it would mean the world to me, my aunt, and kitty boy too. 1,000 dollars likely won’t cover the entirety of the vet bills, however it would be a tremendous help.

If you can’t donate, even signal boosting would mean the world to me. 

yes thank you, it's like. rin is happy, for the most part. rin has his team and he's doing well working towards his goal. haru raising his voice at him hurt, yeah!! definitely, and that's sad, but?? that's not as important as what haru is dealing with. and for people to say rin deserves to be heard over haru like lol isn't that the problem? haru being silenced by everyone else's feelings and expectations? rin had issues in season one and everyone heard him out, let haru have the same


literally season 1 was rin angst powerhour

season 2 is a happier, healthier rin. but ppl are still determined to squeeze some sad angsty shit out of him and its like… it feels kinda gross sometimes like damn the character is happy for once.

also yeah god forbid other characters have issues and require development.

i was scared to post that cause i rly do love rin im matsuoka trash i love the shark kid ok like (becomes rin) but rly its not about him. its rly not. haru cant breathe with all of this crowding him.

and i understand why rin is mad and why he was so mad in season 1. you got the “lazy” protagonist that seems to rely on natural talent more than actual training who is so laid back and seems to not care about how good he is at swimming so long as he can swim period, and the rival who tries so so very hard and cant quite reach the same level getting irritated because the guy who is better than him, doesnt even take it as seriously. ppl feel like talent is wasted on haru because people who have “real dreams” or “better dreams” or dreams period, wish they could do what haru does.

and then they forget that haru being good at something doesnt mean he has to do shit with it. who gives a fuck what his talent is used on, career or pleasure or whatever the fuck. who gives a fuck. he isn’t entitled to do anything. he has no obligation to pursue what he’s good at. rin can cry about it some more ffs.


i guess i made another haikyuu panel pixel?? feel free to use it for your blog, just please credit me!!

a lot of things are happening at once, many of which seem pretty pointless

the conflicts are forced and unnecessary

it’s just ???

the second season of free seems a little … forced

4th year of highschool = EVERYBODY wants to know what you’ll do afterwards

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